Get To Know Centralia City Hall Administration Building

September 13, 2018
After 76 years at their previous location at 222 S. Poplar, Centralia City Hall administration moved into their new renovated offices and Council Chambers at 101 S. Locust in the middle of Downtown Centralia. How fitting that City Hall’s move was back to the 100 block of South Locust, where City Hall had been located from the 1880s to the late 1930s.
The current building, built in 1925, many Centralians know as the Old National Bank building. In fact, the top facade still bears the name “Old National Bank.”
The vision of renovating and reusing the vacant building was that of City Manager Dan Ramey. Having served as City Manager for several years and realizing the ineffectiveness of having the current administration separated on two floors, the research and planning began in all departments.
Also in mind were the advantages for the general public. At the old location, available, accessible parking seemed to be an ongoing problem and complaint. Citizens with problems or confusion with the City Hall layout, many times had to trek upstairs and downstairs to complete their business or resolve an issue. In addition, the Council Chambers were located on the second floor, which, even with an elevator, hindered those wanting to attend a council meeting.
The reuse of a substantial building in the center of downtown, drawing more people daily into the downtown area was also considered a big advantage.
City Manager Dan Ramey said, “Now the new administration building is hopefully more inviting, safer and user friendly for the citizens.
Editor’s Note: The Fire, Police and Telecommunications Departments will remain at 222 S. Poplar.
City Hall Administration Building
Council Chambers
Councilman Howard Jones, Councilman Bill Smith, Mayor Tom Ashby, 
Councilman David Sauer, Councilman Andre Marshall.
Tom Ashby
Dan Ramey
City Manager
Kim Enke
City Clerk
Bill Agee
City Treasurer
Kala Lambert
Assistant to City Manager
Gayla Harting
Community Development Director
Tanisha Bernard
Administrative Assistant
Serita Dabney
Accounting Clerk
Michelle Liggett
Finance Director
Tara Ramey
Deputy City Clerk
Amy Davis
Utility Clerk
Bobby Patton, Jr.
Code Enforcement Officer