Centralia.Works a Success!

July 26, 2017

The Mayor would like to announce the success of the job fair hosted by the City of Centralia last month. The job fair, which took place on June 22, 2017, was another step in the City’s efforts to put residents to work and bring businesses into town. Economic Development Director Kala Lambert with assistance from Community Development Director Gayla Harting, other city staff, and technical assistance from Greg Sutton and his staff from Tec Services, Inc., were on site to help residents prepare resumes and fill out applications. 222 job seekers and 13 employers were present at the event. Employers have reported at least 65 individuals hired from the job fair, a 30% hiring rate. Estimates indicate that the number of individuals hired will be 100+ by the end of the month. Tec Services was also able to create a city-wide job board that will enable residents to log on to one website and find job listings from multiple employers. The Centralia.works job board continues to be updated with open jobs from employers in Centralia as well as resumes submitted by job seekers. Employers and job seekers can update their information by visiting the website at www.centralia.works. There are currently over 300 job postings on the website covering a wide range of employment opportunities in many different fields.