Centralia SINA Members Learn About The Benefits Of Partnerships

April 6, 2018
Southern Illinois Networking Association met March 29 at the Centralia Recreation Complex with Myra Bartlett as the guest speaker. Myra began her presentation by speaking of the history of Centralia Stationery. She spoke of how her father began the business and how she and her brother began to work in the store at a very young age. Myra told the audience that working for the business has been the only job she has ever had.
She told about the history of Egyptian Workplace Partners. This is the business that they merged with at the end of 2017. She reported that this has been the greatest move, and the blending of the two businesses has made a very productive partnership for everyone concerned. She reported that if you want to keep up in the present times, you need to be very innovative and move to the best way to serve all of your patrons. She said that this was to downsize the store and update the website and go with online shopping. She reported that, like any move, it was hard for the public coming in and wanting to purchase their supplies in the store. Now she said that the patrons can order online and have all of their products shipped right to their door the next day.
She continued by discussing the benefits for the business that buys the products. It reduces the  business expense. How does that happen? She went on to explain the easy process. First, identifying the needed items. Next to create the P.O. and to locate the source from which the items will come and place the order. The order is received and the product is distributed. This process maintains the storeroom, reduces the costs, and makes processing the account easier, and thus creates effective time management. So if you are a numbers type of person, you need to understand that the product is 40 percent of the product cost and 60 percent comes from the necessary costs. So it is easy to see why buying online is the effective, cost cutting way to shop.
Top businesses that use this type of services are businesses, schools and healthcare. This is a one stop shop by supplying the following:  ink and toner, private labels, custom printing coffee and break room supplies, office products, paper, furniture design and services, commercial flooring facility and maintenance supplies, sustainable products, promotional products, and school supplies.
This method always has benefits of shopping locally as it boosts the local community with its economy.
It also offers exceptional service:
• It produces a 97.5% orders fill rate which means back orders are minimized.
• You get free delivery right up to your desk, usually the next day.
• It has a 99.6% order accuracy rate, meaning you do not need to worry about getting the wrong products.
• You are provided with your own customer service representative.
Myra continued her presentation by playing some office products trivia. She wowed the audience with the answers to some of the questions. Examples of some of the questions were:
• An average ballpoint pen can produce up to 2 miles of writing.
• An average pencil can write a continuous line for 35 miles.
• The post it note wasn’t invented, it was created by accident.
I bet most of you did not know the above trivia.
Next week’s presenter on April 5 will be from the Shoppers Weekly.
If you are interested in joining SINA or just want more information please feel free to contact Tina Suarez at tsuarez2@hotmail.com.