Centralia Municipal Airport Change to Right-hand Traffic

July 14, 2017

City Staff, Airgo and the FAA started discussing concerns the City and Airport were receiving from residents in regards to increased activity at the Airport, specifically airspace in early 2016. Due to

the proximity of the airport to the City, the option of applying a right-hand traffic pattern to certain runways to alleviate some of the traffic over the City was considered. An application was submitted to IDOT to study the potential impacts the changes may have on airspace. The City received a Notice of Federal Airspace Determination and it was reviewed at the Airport Advisory Board meeting on February, 20, 2016, where the board supported a recommendation to approve to City Council. A summary of the Notice of Determination comments include:

• No objection from an airspace utilization stand point.

• No conflict with DHS radar or airport obstruction screening

• There is no IFR effect.

Over the last 16 months, FAA has noticed the proposed change, allotted time for comment, and noticed again. The Airport will NOTAM Runways 9 and 36 to change to right-hand traffic beginning and effective Tuesday, August 1, 2017.